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Clinical Photos and X-rays

Taking Clinical Photos
  • Take photos against a plain backdrop/empty wall. (Grid, laser line and waist string are not required)
  • Have the patient wear something that will still show the entire back/spine and hips clearly, such as an open back bathing suit or a bra with a very narrow strap.
  • Pants/shorts need to be snug so the outline of the torso and hips is clearly visible (no baggy or bunched up clothing).
  • Pictures should be taken to include at least the ear level to the ends of the fingertips.
  • Take photos of the patient’s front (the face can be left out), right side, left side, and back, with arms hanging loosely at the side.
  • Take two additional photos with the arm across the chest so the side of the body is visible.
  • Please ensure the photos are a high resolution (3MB or higher), not blurry and have good lighting.
Example of a Clinical Photo Set
Saving X-rays from a CD on Windows
  • Installing the viewing software Go to http://www.microdicom.com/downloads.html
  • Find the first link under “Portable zip package” (underlined to the right. It’s ok if the version number is different)
  • Right click and in the menu click “Save As”.
  • Choose where you want to save the file. If unsure, just use your desktop.
  • When it finishes, right click on the file and select “Extract all…”.
  • Click “Extract” on the box that pops up.
  • Right click “mDicom.exe” and select “Send to” and then “Desktop (as shortcut)”.
Viewing and saving the X-rays
  • Insert the CD into your computer.
  • Close/ignore any programs the CD starts.
  • Open mDicom.exe Click the CD icon in the upper left (in-between the open folder and search icons).
  • Click Flie > Export > To a picture file.
  • Next to “Destination” ADD the patient’s name AFTER the last backslash.
  • “Select source” should be set to “All patients”.
  • Image format should be set to PNG or JPG.
  • The box for “Create sub-folders for Patient, Study, Series” should be unchecked.
  • The box for “Annotations” should be checked and “All overlay” should be selected.
  • Click “Export”.

The final box should look like this

Your X-ray(s) should look something like this. It will still have the patient’s information, which was cropped here for privacy.