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Align Clinic is an orthotic and prosthetic facility specializing in scoliosis and pediatric orthotics. We have been dedicated to advancing the specialized orthotics profession with educational support, training, and cutting-edge technology and treatment techniques for the management of scoliosis since 2012.

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WCR and Rigo-Cheneau Braces

What is a WCR Brace?

The Wood-Cheneau Rigo (WCR) spinal orthosis is a thermoplastic brace uniquely constructed to bring the trunk and spine into the optimal postural alignment. The pressure points and expansion areas are located, shaped and oriented to apply pressure to selected regions of the trunk, bringing the patient into the best possible 3-dimensional correction while maximizing comfort.

The WCR brace concept employs regional derotation, using an unique pressure-system to guide frontal plane alignment and sagittal plane profile balance. Through this design, the WCR prevents lordotization of the spine while treating the patient’s scoliosis.

Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with scoliosis?

If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment, we have over 40 WCR Brace Clinics in the US and Canada,
ready to advise and give you the best option.

ALIGN CLINIC San Mateo together with

Stanford Children’s Health

In 2023, we will continue working together with Stanford spine specialists, doctors, and Schroth-certified physical therapists to make sure your child gets the best fitting brace with a few small changes. Our usual WCR Brace® Clinics, every Tuesday at Stanford Children’s Health in Palo Alto, are still going on, and now we will be present every Monday from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. at Stanford Children’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center – Pleasant Hill.

Scoliosis Treatment For Children
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State-of-the-Art Services

WCR Brace

The WCR Brace

The WCR brace involves a team of scoliosis professionals from around the world working on the patient’s classification of curve and treatment.
Lower Limb Orthoses

Lower Limb Orthoses

Align Clinic is concerned with the design, function, and fitting of custom and pre-fabricated orthoses, which are devices that help support or correct musculoskeletal deformities.
Baby Helmet Therapy

Cranial Helmets

For infants with severe positional plagiocephaly, doctors may prescribe a custom-molded Cranial Remolding Band, often called a cranial helmet, or head band.

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