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Align Clinic is an orthotic and prosthetic facility specializing in scoliosis and pediatric orthotics. We have been dedicated to advancing the specialized orthotics profession with educational support, training, and cutting-edge technology and treatment techniques for the management of scoliosis since 2012.

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WCR and Rigo-Cheneau Braces

What is a WCR Brace?

The Wood-Cheneau Rigo (WCR) spinal orthosis is a thermoplastic brace uniquely constructed to bring the trunk and spine into the optimal postural alignment. The pressure points and expansion areas are located, shaped and oriented to apply pressure to selected regions of the trunk, bringing the patient into the best possible 3-dimensional correction while maximizing comfort.

The WCR brace concept employs regional derotation, using an unique pressure-system to guide frontal plane alignment and sagittal plane profile balance. Through this design, the WCR prevents lordotization of the spine while treating the patient’s scoliosis.

Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with scoliosis?

If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment, we have over 40 WCR Brace Clinics in the US and Canada,
ready to advise and give you the best option.

ALIGN CLINIC San Mateo together with

Stanford Children’s Health

In 2023, we will continue working together with Stanford spine specialists, doctors, and Schroth-certified physical therapists to make sure your child gets the best fitting brace with a few small changes. Our usual WCR Brace® Clinics, every Tuesday at Stanford Children’s Health in Palo Alto, are still going on, and now we will be present every Monday from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. at Stanford Children’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center – Pleasant Hill.

We Better Each Patient’s Life

State-of-the-Art Services

The WCR Brace

The WCR brace involves a team of scoliosis professionals from around the world working on the patient’s classification of curve and treatment.

Lower Limb Orthoses

Align Clinic is concerned with the design, function, and fitting of custom and pre-fabricated orthoses, which are devices that help support or correct musculoskeletal deformities.

Cranial Helmets

For infants with severe positional plagiocephaly, doctors may prescribe a custom-molded Cranial Remolding Band, often called a cranial helmet, or head band.

What our patients say

jerry brown
jerry brown
Miguel is very creative and experienced Orthotist. He was recommended to us by doctors at Stanford Health and has been very helpful in dealing with a severe ankle and foot condition.
Heather Godwin
Heather Godwin
My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis. We had two Boston braces made by our doctor in Nevada. The experience was terrible. With her first Boston brace, they didn't do an in brace x-ray until she had worn it for 3 months. When we saw the in-brace x-ray there was absolutely no difference compared to her out-of-brace x-ray. The doctor said it was due to a "rigid spine." Her second Boston brace only focused on her bottom curve (it's shaped like an S) but not the top. I was talking to my My Aunt about the struggles we were facing. She told me she found Align Clinic for my younger cousin. She got the WCR brace made by Grant. They said the experience was amazing and we had to get my daughter in ASAP. I decided to set up an appointment for my daughter. We traveled from Nevada to California and from the first appointment I knew Align Clinic was different. I myself have scoliosis and was fitted for two braces as a teen which did nothing for me. I've seen my daughter fitted for two braces. We know the drill. The amount of measurements taken at Align Clinic BLEW my mind. I've never seen anything like it. They literally measured her from head to toe, they recorded every single detail of her spine. I could feel instantly that we were in good hands. They CARED!! It took a few weeks for them to make the WCR brace. When she tried it on, they sent us to our hotel to sleep and we came back the NEXT day to make adjustments and ensure it was comfortable for her. Seeing her in-brace x-ray when we got home, I could see a huge difference. It was working!! On both curves!! The WCR brace is thinner. It's more comfortable than the boston brace. It actually works. I wish everyone knew about it. I can't thank Grant and his staff enough. There is hope for my daughter and it's all thanks to Align Clinic. I will continue to post updates and testimonials throughout our journey. If you're considering Align Clinic, go for it!
Jazmin lizette Puentes Rodriguez
Jazmin lizette Puentes Rodriguez
Friendly staff and prosthetics orthotist
Rana Z
Rana Z
There are no words to express my gratitude to Steve and his staff. Steve has worked with my son for 16 years. He has been patient with my son specially when he was young and could not sit still for more than 2-3 minutes at a time . He has always listened to our needs and has made the best AFO’s .. thank you
Dia Muthana
Dia Muthana
We’ve had AFOs and a Spio suit made for our daughter to help her with her mobility and trunk control. Steve was just awesome! He made her feel so comfortable and happy through the process, and ensured that everything fit beautifully! The entire team at Align Clinic is amazing. So helpful and friendly! Thank you!
Chuy Gomez
Chuy Gomez
They have great customer service and everybody's kind in the office And it's handicap accessible I recommended 100%
Lailani Mirkazemi
Lailani Mirkazemi
Our daughter was recently given the all-clear by her orthopedic specialist to stop wearing her Wood-Cheneau Rigo (WCR) brace. We could not be happier with the results!!! We started this journey with much uncertainty and anxiety, but after the initial adjustment to the brace, it has been a surprisingly smooth journey, aided by our daughter's constancy and commitment to wearing the brace as instructed. We are so pleased that we made the decision to travel up to Align Clinic from San Diego to seek the best of intervention. We will never forget how thorough and professional the medical and technical staff were at the clinic right from the start, and how Dr. Wood made us a completely new brace on the second day at Align Clinic, when he was not happy with the initial brace fit. Our daughter grew an inch during the 2+ years she was wearing the brace full and part-time, and it held up perfectly as she grew. Her spinal angles have all improved, particularly her lumbar angle, and the top and bottom spinal bones are perfectly aligned vertically. Yesterday, we had a follow up visit with her orthopedic specialist, including final x-rays, and all her angles have improved or remained the same in the one year since she stopped wearing her brace. Our now 16 year old daughter is enjoying all her physical activities, especially her track and field events, and has an enviable posture.
aiza giron
aiza giron
My 4 month old baby was diagnosed with severe plagiocephaly. Her pediatrician recommended Align Clinic for a cranial helmet and they did not disappoint. Miguel was very patient with her and is very thorough during the consultation and he even stayed late making sure he got the proper measurements. Every appointment thereafter was a breeze, no wait times and the staff is very eager to help with re-scheduling. We are grateful for our experience here and very happy that we even finished her helmet therapy faster than expected.
Josefina Melgar Gaisford
Josefina Melgar Gaisford
I traveled to this Clinic with my 15 y/o son with scoliosis all the way from St George, Utah. Align was highly recommended by our orthopedic doctor and physical therapist and I have to say they did not disappoint. On the contrary! When I realized at the beginning of this year what my son and I would be facing it was very scary and stressful. From the moment I contacted Align Clinic, they immediately gave me a sense of relief. My son also has Asperger’s and ADHD and in spite of this, the doctor’s were able to fit him, adjust and educate him to wear the brace. They were amazing with him and made a very worried and stressed out mom very happy! Would not recommend any other place or doctors. All I can say is a thousand thank yous!!!!!
Barbra Sullivan
Barbra Sullivan
No other clinic nor program compares! We switched to Align clinic after our 6th grader’s previous treatment the prior year and a half offered no more than a brace-and-wait approach. At the Align Clinic she was refitted for the Wood-Cheneau Rigo(WCR) brace combined with Schroth therapy. Rebecca at Advanced Scoliosis Care in Bryan Texas by far exceeded our earlier care with a wealth of expertise and experience in Schroth Therapy. To top it off, all my interactions through the Align Clinic personnel have been congenial, professional, compassionate and responsive. Our daughter’s quality of life, her curve, body alignment awareness and strategy is forever positively impacted and we are eternally grateful.
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