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Advanced Technology

Rodin M4D Scanner

Portable and quick to set up
Its small size makes it easily portable from one place to another.In less than 5 minutes, it is installed and ready to scan in any kind of environment.

Accurate and constant
The scanner offers an optimal precision for every body part, in addition to tolerating slight movements from the patient. You are assured of consistent results regardless of who performs the scan and in what conditions.

It is possible to scan any body part, from head to toes, while providing a comfortable, clean and fast solution for both the patient and the clinician.

Fast acquisition
It takes only 40 seconds to scan a foot and 90 seconds to scan a torso or a leg.

Easy to learn and use
No basic knowledge is required and only 2 hours of training is necessary. The intuitive and user-friendly interface as well as the real time display of the scan makes scanning accessible to anyone.

Video example of scanning for an AFO

Discover the M4D Scan, the fastest 3D scanner dedicated to orthopedics without post-treatment. With the help of an optimization module adapted and portable, the scan is done by anyone in any environment safely. The M4D Scan is suitable for made-to-measure shoes, orthoses, brace, prosthesis, helmets, etc.

Structure Sensor
Rodin 4D Carver

Portable and quick to set up
In conjunction with the M4D scanner The Rodin S4 Milling Machine allows us to quickly and easily create 3D models for fabrication of orthotics and prosthetics. Rather than the traditional method of casting with fiberglass tape and filling it with plaster, scanning and milling is both faster and less labor intensive.

The milling machine can be used to fabricate a wide range of products including:

  • Body Jackets
  • TLSOs
  • WCR Braces
  • AK and BK Prosthetics
  • AFOs