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Treating Upper Thoracic Curves

Individual patient results will vary depending on the patient’s age, skeletal maturity, severity of scoliosis, previous scoliosis treatments, as well as other factors.

​Proximal (Upper) structural thoracic curve with the apex at T5 was treated with WCR additional 3 point pressure brace which can be worn for night time , part time or full time use, depending on the risk of progression of each patients individual scoliosis.

c: Patient wearing a WCR additional 3 point pressure brace.

a. Pre-WCR

b. Out-of-brace X-ray

c. In first WCR

d. In Brace X-ray after wearing the brace for 24 hours

Pre Brace
First WCR brace
Out-of-Brace before 3rd WCR
3rd WCR Brace
  19 Months Post Bracing
  31 Months Post Bracing
1. Pre Brace
2. First WCR brace
3. Out-of-Brace before 3rd WCR
4. 3rd WCR Brace
5. 19 Months Post Bracing
6., 31 Months Post Bracing